20 JUNE 2020, DAY 1

Breathing Exercises &  Meditation 1 - Naomi Huth
Immunity Booster Yoga 1 - Jaimin Yang
Body Smart Yoga - Hiro Landazuri
Power In Inversions - Victor Chau
Hatha Flow 1 - Aly Rauff
The World Of Handstands 1 - Fizzy
Yoga Pose Of The Day, Chaturanga Dandasana - Laura Bong
Intro To AcroYoga - Pip Elysium & Tom Bem
Yoga Nidra - Kathy Gariel
Yin Yoga For Hips - Stephanie Bovis

21 JUNE 2020, DAY 2

Breathing Exercises & Meditation 2 - Naomi Huth
Qi Yoga 1 - Susan Manning
Yoga Basics: Strength With Weights - Liv Lo Golding
Calisthenics Flow - Haaziq
Connection To Core - Fee Zard
The World Of Handstands 2 - Fizzy
Yoga Pose Of The Day, Pyramid - Laura Bong
Kids Yoga - Jolie & Regina
Hatha Flow - Aly Rauff

22 JUNE 2020, DAY 3

Breathing Exercises &  Meditation 3 - Naomi Huth
Immunity Booster Yoga 3 - Kaiching
Energizer Flow - Gayle Nerva
Heart Of Vinyasa - Chris Walker
The World Of Handstands 3 – Fizzy
Yoga Pose Of The Day, Side Plank - Laura
Kundalini Yoga: The Essence Of Self - Adam Fazlur
Inner Ease - Kathy Gabriel

23 JUNE 2020, DAY 4

Breathing Exercises & Meditation 4 - Naomi Huth
Immunity Booster Yoga 4 - Kaiching
Midday Yoga Express 1 - Victor Chau
Power Flow - Shirlyn
The World Of Handstands 4 – Fizzy
Yoga Pose Of The Day, Crow Pose - Laura
Deep Stretch - Jolie Michelle Ow
Shake & Dance Meditation - Stephanie Bovis

24 JUNE 2020, DAY 5

Breathing Exercises & Meditation 5 - Naomi Huth
Immunity Booster Yoga 5 – Kaiching
Dynamic Flow - Vivianne Then
Feeling Your Hips - Fee Zard
The World Of Handstands 5 - Fizzy
Yoga Pose Of The Day 5, Bird Of Paradise - Laura Bong
Yoga For Runners - Herna Mohari
Creating Space - Naomi Huth & Theresa Lim

25 JUNE 2020, DAY 6

Breathing Exercises & Meditation - Naomi Huth
Immunity Booster Yoga 6 - Kaiching
Calisthenics Flow 2 - Haaziq
Hatha Flow 2 - Aly Rauff
The World Of Handstands 6 - Fizzy
Yoga Pose Of The Day, Bird Of Paradise - Kenneth
Myofascial Release - Joann Ong
Mindful Techniques - Jolie Michelle Ow

26 JUNE 2020, DAY 7

Breathing Exercises & Meditation 7 - Naomi Huth
Immunity Booster Yoga 7 - Kaiching
Sculpt 1 - Jiamin Yang
Midday Express 2 - Victor Chau
The World Of Handstands 7 - Fizzy
Yoga Pose Of The Day, Core Pose - Laura Bong
Transformational Yoga 1 - Sue Sze
Yin With Crystal Bowls - Theresa Lim
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Dear Friends,

We have given much consideration with regards to the safe phasing in of Singapore towards a “safe nation”. We have made the decision not to hold any physical mass events this year for the health safety of participants, local and overseas yoga teachers, and the community, until we have entered a state of “safe nation”. Hence, Yogafest W.E 2020 that was postponed to 1 & 2 August 2020 will not be taking place.

However, as part of our core advocacy of positively impacting communities and in conjunction with Get Active Singapore!, we are excited to announce that for this year, we will be bringing Yogafest to you virtually in the safety and comfort of your homes.

Yogafest Virtual 2020 is a 14-day yoga festival with more than 120 classes from world iconic and expert yoga teachers, offering weekday programmes suited for your work from home schedules, and day long weekend programmes. Classes are suited for all-levels. From complete beginners, to veteran yogis, we invite you to immerse in this 14-day yoga wellness journey.

Our AcroVillage segment shall be brought forward to our next physical Yogafest, due to the contact nature of AcroYoga.

Current Yogafest W.E. 2020 ticket holders will be provided free access to Yogafest Virtual 2020 – a redemption code for free sign up to Yogafest Virtual 2020 will be emailed to all ticket holders. In addition, current Yogafest W.E. 2020 tickets will also be valid for Yogafest W.E. 2021 or 2022, and for any other festivals organised by TLG Festivals through 2021 to 2022. Please contact us at namaste@yogafest.sg to redeem your ticket for a TLG Festivals’ festival of your choice.

Should you have queries, please email to namaste@yogafest.sg

Keep safe and healthy.

Team YFWE20