Hiro Landazuri

Body Smart Yoga

Duration: 75mins
Level: All-levels

This practice teaches the what, where, how and why the body works through a vinyasa flow. Whether you’re recovering from injury, preventing it, or leveling up your practice, understanding your body on a deeper level allows you to feel into the spirit of the practice.

The unique postures and transitions lend to understanding not just how muscles move the body, but understanding exactly where the restrictions are in the body. What this does is takes the guessing out of why some things may be harder and others easier.

The other unique factor to this style of yoga is it doesn’t matter where you are in your yoga journey: it’s equally challenging and accessible. No more sitting out because the class is too advanced, no more sitting bored.

You show up exactly as much as you want to and regardless of how much that is, it’s always enough.

Smart Inversions Flow

Duration: 75mins
Level: All-levels

Whether you’re looking to start or you’re already a frequent flyer, there’s always ways deepen our understanding getting inverted. Inversions provide a different perspective to how we see the world, how we see ourselves. Understanding exactly what parts of that journey are challenging, understanding “why” and then working on those areas with specific movements takes the inversions from a “lucky/unlucky day” into a mindful and purposeful practice.

The simplest way I can put it is, the beauty of flying in a plane for example is getting to see the world differently than you would experience normally on the ground. But the reason why you can look out the window in admiration and appreciation is because every part of the plane has been checked and rechecked.
This is the same concept, understand your nuts and bolts, screw every screw and then the magic of flying can be fully appreciated.

About Hiro Landazuri

Hiro started practicing yoga in 2002 while learning various styles of the asana practice. With a history of also dabbling in various movement modalities, from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to numerous team-based sports like basketball and football, Hiro fell into yoga after searching for something to alleviate pain from numerous past injuries and to help make running more enjoyable as it was a passionate hobby that his family shared.

Hiro also studied Biochemistry in university and went on to a graduate medical program in medical pharmacology and cardiopulmonary perfusion. During that time, working in heart and kidney transplant surgical procurement along with open heart bypass surgery, he got to experience first hand part of the inner workings of the body. Throughout this career venture, yoga always was a consistent part of his life in teaching and practice.

After numerous injuries, some during the yoga practice and some outside, Hiro began to pursue a perspective to his love of the yoga practice that would minimize and heal injury along with develop functional strength and flexibility. After seeing tremendous transformations in his own practice and overall health, he applied those same principles to his students and started seeing the same results in his students.

Now Hiro is sharing his unique approach worldwide. Starting from introducing knowledge of the physiology of the human body, using the knowledge in various movement patterns and then applying it to a dynamic yoga practice, so that the practitioner is no longer modifying around injury but understanding steps towards healing, and how to expand the practice from a better understanding of anatomy for those looking to advance in their practice and teaching.

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Dear Friends,

We have given much consideration with regards to the safe phasing in of Singapore towards a “safe nation”. We have made the decision not to hold any physical mass events this year for the health safety of participants, local and overseas yoga teachers, and the community, until we have entered a state of “safe nation”. Hence, Yogafest W.E 2020 that was postponed to 1 & 2 August 2020 will not be taking place.

However, as part of our core advocacy of positively impacting communities and in conjunction with Get Active Singapore!, we are excited to announce that for this year, we will be bringing Yogafest to you virtually in the safety and comfort of your homes.

Yogafest Virtual 2020 is a 14-day yoga festival with more than 120 classes from world iconic and expert yoga teachers, offering weekday programmes suited for your work from home schedules, and day long weekend programmes. Classes are suited for all-levels. From complete beginners, to veteran yogis, we invite you to immerse in this 14-day yoga wellness journey.

Our AcroVillage segment shall be brought forward to our next physical Yogafest, due to the contact nature of AcroYoga.

Current Yogafest W.E. 2020 ticket holders will be provided free access to Yogafest Virtual 2020 – a redemption code for free sign up to Yogafest Virtual 2020 will be emailed to all ticket holders. In addition, current Yogafest W.E. 2020 tickets will also be valid for Yogafest W.E. 2021 or 2022, and for any other festivals organised by TLG Festivals through 2021 to 2022. Please contact us at to redeem your ticket for a TLG Festivals’ festival of your choice.

Should you have queries, please email to

Keep safe and healthy.

Team YFWE20